chang’e 4

after the vacation, the kneeling for friends who'd otherwise not like us if we were standing, after the first communion of the year, after we've said all the bad things about the artists and writers we can only love in secret, how collaborations are not possible but can we please fuck on January 5th? after … Continue reading chang’e 4


reading them, the ones who kept diares,you know the silly listening of an approachingdandora train on the rails? willfull suicides?preoccupied with the same thing:let's call it something else—mousebirds;tangerines; oh-this-hour; sukari ngutu—it has been years without you, you fucker,niko Nairobi, Umoja.

scenes from a dream

Before the police comes the gangs, the hunters, the marauders, men with stockings over their faces, like characters who want to be in an Amy Yamada fantasy, with leather whips designed for small animals, rare cockerels and children. The tattoos on my back are estuaries, black kink. Lands and valleys that were once possible. I’m … Continue reading scenes from a dream

recent memory

the barbarians, goliath, alexandria,all these libraries, the memory of not,karoli and fid q, the argonauts,vacations in malindi, dreaming of a stingray,how is it that i remember, mkataa kwao, when kwao is a chord in a brubeck lost track--the curve of those bones, the bald head,nothing else beyond that, what will we do with ourselves, tzara,will … Continue reading recent memory