Blue Music Dream

Propylene Skin

Sun is iris

Yellow dresses

The rainbow marvels

At a naked child.


Dying chrysanthemums smile,

Free of our intimate touch.

Cremating petals

Epitaphs, odes

For whom they once were, gods.

Rain drops reenact

The second fall of man

On my temple

Propylene skin

Poppy fields

I smell you for my daily fix.

Cold November

Coffee on her lips,

Steam warms her nostrils.

My pockets,

Like a child’s

Full of dirt marbles


Through drops on a midriff

Satellite face,


You are a moonflower figurine

Black and yellow skin, eyeballs

Nipple on the loquat

Umbrella dress, sandals

Big eyes

Purple acrylic-

Simple soul.

Eyelids on glass


Blue music dream.

Footsteps bloom

Vignettes on the isle,

Echoes of you.


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