Finally Gone (part I)

Finally gone and the bird in a deep purple-blue coat
the first rays of sun the song turn into blues
solos in the wind, colors
of her scarf scatter to the air around
and make a place out of the pains of yesterday
a simple galvanized trance, robin in an overcoat and model poses,

usher me into the geography of day, the stillness of my skin
when I was once young. Time does not fly,
it is waiting in an Oldsmobile for a child to claim it
and drive it off a cliff,

it cannot undress itself and question the marks on its body
so we hide it under the fancy mechanics of a water-resistant watch
where conditions are just enough to make it still,
when I was a vector time was dissected into the skin.

Once we walk out the door it’s
there on the welcome mat
time in an old adulation of self, a child peeing on itself
we serve it an emphasis of text to reassert itself
we know from within its body because
it knocks us from within where we have been living.


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