The Poet As A Non-Thing.

I came across a call for submissions from GLBT poets. I wonder if I can comprehend the idea of GLBT poetry, whatever that means. Is it a kind of subjective verse that must belong and come from a specific body? What form does it assume? What poses? What’s my fascination with Robert Duncan, and does it speak to the purple verse of his books? Do Sometimes there is a ‘you’ in the verse I write, and now I am forced to question the gender of ‘you’. I like to think of ‘you’ as having no gender. And I’d like to implore you to think of ‘I’ as having no gender either. Will you put me into a non-category due to this? If I can transform myself overnight into a gay man, maybe even a liberationist, and then I could really understand what that kind of poetry means. But that is just a label like any other. What must matter are the rays of verse rising from the body. That said, I’d like to make a submission as a -.


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