A Big Year Notebook




hoopoe in flight

hoopoe in flight

I took a customary walk today around the neighborhood, one of those walks you take to clear your mind and listen to the wind. The place is mostly open grassland, but with a recent surge in new residential buildings, and I like walking to the edge of the estate, where you can see white flowers and birds. I was lucky to spot a hoopoe, whose name I did not know until I carried out a frantic internet search, using descriptions of the crest and plumage as keywords. I’m fairly certain now it is a hoopoe, no other bird I have seen matches its description. Upupa Africana.

It was my first sighting , a sure sign that I should do a big year in 2013.

This could be the beginning of an adventure, the kind that young men in search of obscure objects go on, as in Kerouac’s On The Road.

Here’s to obscure things. As it stands, I know nothing.


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