Blue Music Dream

why would you expect a man like me to love you?

I am insensible to the use of electronics wish everything was a fat rat with a winding cable at the back, what I’m I doing standing naked at the railway museum? all the products in the fridge have gone bad there are more sick people in this house I am yet to learn how to arrange furniture I dream now of water flowing out of ampersands. Where does a man go to beyond the dreams of castration? I cannot find the switch that flings us all back into darkness I hear more and more laughter above the ceilings soon they will come to my bed and cut off my hands so many accidents waiting for my permission and I salute them like monarchy grace. What is a baby’s cot doing in my room? why would you expect a man like me to love you? I am the switch made of nothing but jerkin gherkin commas that plunges us back into darkness. We are in a dream and you are chasing me with a spiked weapon torch light asking me to smell your underwear and love you slowly arrange your ointments into groups of three let’s face it if you were really compulsive you’d know what to do with my furniture and restless leg symptom. And these are things I used to enjoy until you sent me a letter saying my favourite living politician had been assassinated 30 years back. It is time to isolate sleep wake up smell each other for treason why is there blood in the toilet bowl? We are in a dream the confetti made up of the opening sequence to Hiroshima mon amour only this time the dust is tablet powder from the bathroom cabinet where there are more contraceptives than painkillers. In the morning I buy you a dozen red roses tied up in elevator cable. In an attempt to reach you I am going up and up and thinking of falling look at you immaculate smiling like a statue that is yet to be excavated part of the lip broken.


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