(a found poem)

I recently spent some time with a gay / friend in Hawaii. I consider myself basically / heterosexual but have had thoughts of anal and/or oral sex with a man but had not acted on those thoughts.

My friend in Maui has one of your Locker Room / fucking machines which he showed me. I accepted his offer to have the experience. He explained the entire procedure to me and I decided to go for it since we’re good / friends and I felt safe and secure in his company. He proceeded to very gently use lubrication / on my anus. I was really nervous but excited. He made me instantly / hard.

Then the first / smaller dildo was introduced into me. I nearly passed / out as it did hurt, but the reality of what was happening to me made me very excited. I eventually was being fucked / by an 8 inch thick dildo at rapid / speed and I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything that intense and erotic in my entire / life of having sex with / women and the possibly 4 encounters of being sucked / off by a man in a porno / shop.

I was absolutely wild and ecstatic / from the experience. After experiencing a total of 4 / shattering / orgasms, I used the machine on / my friend and provided him with a similar / experience. I now know and understand why / gay / men / love / to be / anally / penetrated by their male partners.

I intend to order the same / fucking machine / for my own future / pleasure. It was a real highlight and I loved the experience my / male friend introduced me to. I later had the experience, again for the first time, of being / fucked by my friend enjoying a similar / experience of his penis penetrating me and did the same for him. Again, a totally brand new / homosexual experience for a straight / man willing to experi / ment.


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