‘wheir was we when we was we’

we went to all the places, to mean, in the cruel way of our dreams, no place at all. we went down the safe valley, down unnamable alleys. we went where they did not expect us, where they put up lego men in guns waiting for us. we went down the the old roads, down playhouse lane, down the fractured places we’ve come to think of as intermissions, kissing the big old traitor, washing his feet. tell me about the time when we went into the dark pit, made our way into where light was possible. we went to invisible places, guided by shifting walls. our bodies sharing the roots of certain words in our languages – silence meant we were getting somewhere. oh, coming to where light was possible, our bodies outworn, outworn, night flowers performing the impossible – still the flesh doing what is familiar and necessary. we went into rooms where hydrocarbons were burning. we went to where prayers are useful, as long as the only prayers we said were the ones we could not remember. we went to all the places.


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